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10 T/H NPK Fertilizer Granulation Line


Detail10 t/h NPK fertilizer granulation line incorporates essential equipment from batching to packing for efficient production. At the heart of the process, double roller extrusion granulator stands out for its high granulation rate and ability to form uniform granules with flexible shapes. Thus, this key component ensures the precision and quality in the production of NPK fertilizers.

EquipmentLoader type feeder, cage crusher, disc feeder, double roller extrusion granulator, rotary screening machine, automatic packaging scale, etc.

What Is Market of 10 T/H NPK Fertilizer Extrusion Granulation Line ?

In fact, the NPK press granulation line has a wide market application prospect, which can meet the needs of multiple industries to produce 10 tons of granular products per hour, and promote the production efficiency and product quality.

Therefore, the application of roller extrusion pelletizing line is not only popular in agriculture, but has a wide range of potential application areas, bringing opportunities for efficiency improvement and value to various fields.

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Buying An Efficient NPK Granulation Line with Proprietary Design from Yushunxin!

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How to Invest in NPK Granular Fertilizer Plant Setup with An Annual Output of 30,000 Tons?

If you want to build an NPK fertilizer plant, you need to consider site planning and investment budget. For one thing, the construction site area depends on various factors, e.g. equipment layout, workshops, and auxiliary facilities. For another thing, the investment budget contains equipment itself and installation costs, transportation costs, land rent, etc.

10 TPH NPK Fertilizer Granulation Line

Those who have recently entered the fertilizer trade must first establish a production site. Moreover, if you want to make 10 tons of NPK fertilizers per hour, it’s a option to choose this plan. A whole 10 tonnes per hour NPK fertilizer granulation facility involves a large amount of equipment, while an average production workshop requires around 500-700㎡. However, this excludes operating channels, ancillary facilities (e.g., offices, warehouses, maintenance work spaces), finished fertilizer storage areas, and safety distances. As a consequence, a more practical land areas may occupy at least 800-1000 ㎡.

Based on land and your actual situation, customer must determine whether to purchase or hire land, with a focus on the land’s location and price. In addition to land rent, investment costs also encompass equipment procurement costs, installation costs (typically 10%-15% of equipment costs), transportation costs, infrastructure construction costs (roads, water and electricity installation, etc.), and other expenses. A rough investment budget might be around $180,000 US dollars.

Overall, this is a very preliminary estimate, and the final cost may differ significantly. Therefore, you can consult our professional engineering designers to obtain more accurate quotations.

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Equipment Composition & Process of 10 T/H NPK Fertilizer Press Granulation Line

The NPK extrusion granulation line with a capacity of 10 tons per hour is a highly integrated and efficient production system.

  • Additionally, it comprises several key components, including a loader type feeder for the initial input of raw materials, followed by a series of five or six 12-meter belt conveyors for seamless material transport.

  • Then, this system also features a cage crusher to finely grind the materials, and a disc feeder that ensures even feeding into the granulation equipment.

  • What’s more, the core of the manufacturing line is the six 1.5T double roller extrusion granulators, which are instrumental in compacting and shaping the NPK fertilizer into granules with different shapes.

  • After granulation, the materials pass through a rotary screening machine to sort the granules by size.

  • Moreover, the NPK fertilizer pellets are then transferred to the storage bin, from where it is taken to the automatic packaging scale for precise weighing and packaging.

  • Finally, you are optional to choose a robot palletizer stacks the NPK granular fertilizers with bags, ensuring the mechanization of the NPK fertilizer production process.

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Technical Parameters of 10 TPH NPK Fertilizer Granulation Line

The following is the parameter table of NPK fertilizer production line’s equipment for example of roller press granulator. Also, we can customize the specific output and model according to the customer’s needs.

Product NameModelCapacity (t/h)Power (kw)Dimension (mm)
Dynamic Batching MachineSXPY-15151-201.1×41500×1500
Cage CrusherSXLSF-8006-1015×21500×1500×1500
Double Shaft MixerSXSJ-10501-20226200×1300×1200
Double Roller Extrusion GranulatorSXDG-1.5T1.518.51450×850×1500
Disc FeederSXPJ-30008-12153000×3000×2000
Rotary Screening MachineSXGS-15606-105.53950×1720×2100
Automatic Packing ScaleSXFB-16bags/min0.55+0.37720×630×1980
Robot PalletizerTY-LZ-500 Robot300-400 bags/h0.75×5+1.5+3×2Customize
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In summary, the extrusion granulation machine with double rollers, a key component in the NPK fertilizer production line for making particles. Besides, this equipment, with its superior design and robust performance, ensures a seamless and cost-effective granulation process. So, it represents an essential investment for extrusion granular fertilizer factory, enabling high-quality NPK fertilizer pelletizing production on a large scale.

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