In early June 2022, Yushunxin, a professional manufacturer of fertilizer equipment, received an inquiry from a client in Thailand. Moreover, he has already own an organic fertilizer factory for many years. Besides, he said his company buys bentonite powder, gypsum powder, dolomite organic powders in bulk from local suppliers. With existing production experience, they were seeking equipment that could help them upscale their production while maintaining the quality of their products.Thus, their goal was to create high-quality shiny granules efficiently to meet the growing demand in the market.

Making 3-10mm Granules by Double Roller Pellet Extruder

What Granulation Proposal We Provide for Thai Customer?

Analyzing Thai customer’s requirements and raw materials, we quickly formulated a comprehensive commercial fertilizer production strategy and furnished this client with thorough information on the configuration, functions, and operational procedures of each piece of equipment. Additionally, we shared pertinent data, images, and videos.

Ⅰ. Making 2-3mm Granules Without Binder

The Thai aimed for 2 metric tons per hour fertilizer output of shiny granules measuring 2 to 3 mm. Thus, we proposed our 2 T/H model of dry powder granulation equipment. Also, this granulator ensures making of uniform size and difform fertilizer pellets with a diameter range of 3mm to 10mm. Besides, it costs 4,600 USD, almost 164,000 THB. In addition, he also asked if it was possible to add 10% moisture to facilitate the formation of particles. In general, the major advantage of this machine is that it requires only 2-8% water to convert the raw materials into the required granule size, preventing the granulator from getting stuck due to excessive moisture. However, since this customer added bentonite in fertilizer granule production, which has water absorption, it does not matter if the moisture is higher.

Ⅱ. Getting Shiny Fertilizer Pellets by Coating

To achieve the desired shiny appearance of the granules, we recommended the purchase of a small coating machine. In a word, it adds a protective layer to the surface of fertilizer particles to help manufacture smooth and shiny particles, making fertilizer particles more competitive in the market. Additionally, we suggested Thai customer to choose high-quality and brightly colored coating agents for better appearance. Under the high-speed rotation, the coating agent uniformly adheres to the surface of the fertilizer pellets, forming a flat, smooth, and shiny film layer. At the same time, the coating machine can also increase the moisture resistance of fertilizers, extend their shelf life, and reduce the rate of damage. So this coating machine is necessary for Thai customer, pricing 178,000 THB (USD 5,000).

To further enhance the production process, we also recommended a line of complementary equipment including a horizontal mixer at THB 60,000 ($1,670), a loader type feeder at THB 167,000 ($4,700), and a packing machine at THB 142,000 ($4,000). Besides, the horizontal mixer would make a thorough blending of organic powder, the loader type feeder would ensure a smooth transfer of materials to the granulator, and the packing machine would package the granules efficiently.

What Is The Transaction Price for Thai Customer?

This Thai visited our plant on June 15th, 2022, and we prepared detailed quotation of this powder granulation project. Considering these recommendations, we estimated the overall price at 748,000 THB ($21,000). This price was inclusive of our comprehensive services, which included consultation, equipment production, quality inspection, and transportation service. As a result, this customer paid a 60% down payment on June 20th, 2022.

What Is The Transportation Plan for Thai Customer?

Firstly, we sent the machines from our plant in Zhengzhou to the port of Shanghai June 30th, 2022. And, they were shipped by sea to Laem Chabang port in Thailand. The transportation time was approximately 15-20 days and the cost was estimated to be around 30,000 THB ($890). Meanwhile, these machines were expected to reach the client’s company by mid-July. Then, they installed the equipment at their factory in Bangkok by late July.

In conclusion, Yushunxin has proven once again how we cater to our client’s specific needs with our range of professional fertilizer manufacturing equipment. Whether you’re in need of a dry powder granulator or a complete production line, Yushunxin is dedicated to providing you with customized solutions that match your requirements and budget. Contact us today!

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