On March 23rd, 2021, we received an inquiry about bio-fertilizer granulation proposal from an American company. Then, this business’s salesman contacted us that he works at a large bio fertilizer factory in Wyoming. Moreover, his plant would like to buy a set of granular making and auxiliary equipment to make bentonite pellets. Therefore, our team actively developed a free granulation plan for this customer.

We Learn American Customers Background for Bentonite Fertilizer Production!

Multiple Uses of Bentonite Granules

As is well known, bentonite is natural mineral material and common in agriculture, light industry, and other fields. Due to its good physical and chemical properties, it can be of use as a binder, feed, fertilizer, etc. Furthermore, the United States is the largest producer of bentonite in the world, with an annual production of nearly 5 million tons. Besides, Wyoming is rich in bentonite resources.

According to this client, his company in Wyoming is very famous locally. Additionally, they produce bentonite fertilizers that are not only sold to Texas, Louisiana, etc., but also exported to Canada, Mexico, and Europe. As a result, his company has a quite promising market outlook and higher production capacity.

Bentonite Pellets Popular Sales in North America

Granular Bentonite Fertilizer Manufacturing Requirements of The American Customer

Firstly, this customer proactively informed us that they have cooperative mining plant for the extraction of bentonite and sugar industry that produce by-products such as potash and molasses. Therefore, they are convenient to obtain raw materials. So they want to produce uniform bentonite particles and nutritious liquid bio fertilizers. Secondly, they need equipment with a production capacity of 8-10 tons per hour. In addition, they mainly want to know the parameters of the granulator and coating machine.

Making Bentonite Granules by Double Roller Pellet ExtruderCoating Pot for Bio Fertilizer Production

How to Buy High-quality Bio Fertilizer Production Equipment?

American Customer Visit Yushunxin Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturer

In conclusion, our American customer was highly satisfied with our service. Because the machines successfully met their specific production needs. Also, he greatly appreciated for our service from the initial contact to the final installation guidance. After considering, his company will purchase a complete set of dry granulation production line and liquid organic fertilizer production line from us. If you have any questions about granulation proposal, welcome to contact us for more details!

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