In September 25th, 2019, our company luckily received an inquiry about briquette type roller compactor from India. Then, Mr. Kirit from Paramount Polymer Products contacted us, which is a manufacturer for procurement, assembly, and fulfillment of plastic and rubber products. Also, he expressed the needs for an purchase of a roller compaction granulator to enhance their products’ appearance for better sales. Subsequently, our team at Yushunxin immediately geared up for action.

What Are Granular Manufacturing Requirements of Indian Customer?

After understanding the demand of Paramount Polymer Products, our company quickly make a plan for Indian customer within 24 hours. Firstly, Mr. Kirit put forward that they want to make granules with precision and spherical in shape. Secondly, they required using briquette as the raw materials. Thirdly, the granulator had to have a capacity of at least 1 MT per hour and include a conical screen feeder. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and durability, Yushunxin set out to find a appropriate solution. And they made an appointment with us to visit our factory in Zhengzhou, China on September 29th.


What Granulation Machine We Offer for Indian Customer?

At the beginning, we showcased three models of roller press machine for sale for different production capacities: 1T/H model priced at most 240,000 INR ($2,900 USD), 1.5T/H model priced at most 320,000 INR ($3,800 USD), 2T/H model priced at most 450,000 INR ($5,400 USD).

Then, giving Mr. Kirit technical parameters, they determined to buy our 1T/H double roller extrusion granulator. In fact, this model is ideal for meeting the granulation production outputs of this Indian customer. And, we equipped a conical screen feeder at his request. Additionally, we assured them about the roller compaction granulation technique and other technical details of this pelletizer, ensuring easy operation without drying and cooling processes.

Adding A Conial Feeder for Better Briquette Granulation

How to Reduce Dust of Biochar Powder Granulation Process?

Kirit and his team were impressed with our proposal and decided to purchase. Therefore, we provided a detailed quote and a certain discount. Lastly, we estimated that the transaction price would be around 224,100 INR ($2,700 USD). Since we have it in stock, we agree to deliver the granulator within 7 days. Besides, we find a reliable shipping partner, ensuring secure transportation to Gujarat, India. And it would be an additional 2-3 weeks, and we offered to assist with installation on-site.

Throughout the process, we provided excellent customer service and ensured that Mr. Kirit’s questions and concerns were addressed promptly. In addition, according to their demands, we customize construction materials of the roller press granulation. For example, the contact parts are made of SS304, while the non-contact parts are made of MS.

In the end, Paramount Polymer Products is extremely satisfied with our double roller extrusion granulator from Yushunxin. Because, we were able to provide a high-quality machine that met their specific requirements and provided excellent customer service throughout the process. If you are in need of a granulator or other fertilizer production equipment, we are here to help. We offer a range of products to suit various production needs and provide exceptional customer service to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you achieve your production goals!

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