OAn January 17th, 2021, we received an inquiry from Pavel in Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressing interest in our granulator for coal dust processing. Moreover, his concern was primarily about how to remove dust while granulating. As a trusted fertilizer equipment manufacturer, Yushunxin, we were more than ready to offer solutions.

What Are the Granular Manufacturing Requirements of the Bosnian Customer?

Making Coal Dust Granules by Double Roller Extruder Pelletizer

Coal Dust Granulator

In fact, Pavel had set up a small coal factory in Tuzla, BA and had considerable experience in producing coal products. Furthermore, it is a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina which rich in mineral resources like brown coal, bauxite, and iron ore, etc. Thus, he said there’s no problem sourcing raw materials for his coal plant. Also, he was experienced in this field and had a certain market for his products. Consequently, Pavel was interested in purchasing one of our granulators with a capacity of 500 kg-1 ton/h. In addition, he wanted to protect his plant’s environment and create beautiful coal dust granules to meet fuel market demands for extra profits.

A Cost-effective Coal Dust Granulation Plan We Offer for Bosnian Customer!

Buying A Dry Granulator for Energy-saving.

At the beginning, Pavel told us the local cost of industrial water is very high, 3.65 BAM per cubic meter. So, he asked if there was any way to make granulation without using water. Then, we learned the price of local industrial electricity only costs 0.26 BAM per kWh. According to his output requirements, we suggested purchasing a 1t/h dry granulation equipment, at 7,805 BAM ($4,000 or €3,760). Besides, it has a low power consumption of 3kw. Meanwhile, we customized the rollet sheet with round ball socket for this customer.

1TPH Model Double Roller Press Granulator

1TPH Model Double Roller Press Granulator

Getting Considerate Service & Additional Equipment from Yushunxin.

To tackle the dust issue from coal, we proposed installing a bag filter type dust collector before feeding. And, the bag dust collector can settle the heavier dust through gravity and collect the coal dust. Furthermore, we can customize dust shield on all equipment.

For better pellet formation and dust control, we also recommended a horizontal mixer to add water to reduce dust and facilitate the following granulation. Moreover, a granule screening machine can ensure uniform coal dust pellets.

ProductDouble Roller Press GranulatorProductHorizontal MixerProductRotary Screen Machine
Granule Diameter3-10mmStirring Speed46r/minReducerZQ250
Dimensions1450*800*1450Dimensions2350*1200*1000Drum Speed21r/min

A Successful Transaction with Bosnian Coal Plant

As a result, the final installation would take place on April 12th, 2021 at the Pavel’s coal plant in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, he thanked us for our service and decided to expand the later production line and purchase equipment from us. If you also have granulation needs related to coal powder, you can contact us as soon as possible.

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