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3 T/H extrusion Granulation Process


Detail】 3 t/h extrusion granulation process contains vital machinery from material batching to final packing, ensuring complete and efficient granule production. At its core, the extrusion granulator takes center stage, renowned for its exceptional granulation efficiency and capability to create uniformly shaped granules. With this pivotal component, the process maintains precision and consistency, guaranteeing high-quality output in the production of various granulated materials.

EquipmentLoader type feeder, disc feeder, double roller extrusion granulator, rotary screening machine, automatic packaging scale, belt conveyors, storage bins, etc.

What Is Market of 3 T/H Press Granulation Process ?

As a matter of fact, many businesses and industries with small and moderate levels of granular product output are seeking an appropriate manufacturing proposal. Moreover, a 3 ton per hour extrusion granulation production line, is famous for its small-scale production capacity. Thus,this production line also caters to factories looking to produce less than 20,000 tons of granules annually.

Many Applications of 3TPH Extrusion Granulation Production Line

New companies entering the market with limited capital might opt for this granulation production line with the capacity of 3 t/h due to its relatively lower initial investment cost. Also, they can scale up further production as the business grows. For instance, a new organic fertilizer company can use it to try small-scale production and running, gradually expanding as demand grows.

Moreover, such a 3t/h fertilizer granulation production line is ideal for small to medium-sized farms or agricultural businesses that produce their own animal feed or fertilizer granules. Besides, it allows them to process their raw materials in-house, leading to cost savings and more control over the final product quality. For instance, a mini poultry farm can use it to process chicken manure into organic fertilizer pellets, enhancing nutrient content and ease of application.

Furthermore, small companies specializing in biomass pellets for energy or industrial use can leverage this extrusion pelletizing manufacturing line. For instance, a biomass pellet manufacturer can use it to particularly produce pellets from organic waste, wood chips, sawdust or other agricultural residues, meeting demand from biomass power plants or industrial boilers.

Smaller mining operations requiring granulation of ore powders for easier handling and transportation can benefit. For instance, a small-scale mining plant can use this proposal to create granules from iron, copper, or zinc powder. Thus, it can simplify handling, transportation and subsequent processing steps as well as reducing dust emissions.

Therefore, the application of roller extrusion pelletizing line is not only popular in agriculture, but has a wide range of potential application areas, bringing opportunities for efficiency improvement and value to various fields.

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How Much Space Does A 3 TPH Extrusion Granulation Production Line Require?

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What’s the Budget for Setting Up A A 3 T/H Granular Making Plant ?

Are you considering investing in a 3 TPH extrusion granulation production line? When planning for purchasing this project, you need to consider the initial investment. Firstly, you need to determine whether to buy or lease the land, factoring in considerations like location and cost. Additionally, budgeting for other expenses such as equipment procurement, installation costs (usually around 10%-15% of equipment costs), transportation expenses, infrastructure development costs (e.g., roads, water, electricity installations), and miscellaneous expenditures is vital.

Based on our rough estimates, an approximate investment budget for establishing a 3 t/h pellet manufacturing line could be around $60,000 US dollars. It’s important to note that this is a preliminary estimation, and the final cost may fluctuate based on several variables. For more precise quotations and detailed guidance, we recommend consulting with our team of professional engineering designers.

3 TPH Dry Extrusion Granulation Process
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What Equipment for A 3 T/H Roller Press Granulation Production Line You Can Choose?

Main Equipment Selection

Are you considering investing in a 3 t/h roller press granulation production line? If your budget falls under $60,000, Yushunxin’s small scale granulation line could be the perfect fit for you. So, we offer a range of essential machinery to meet your specific needs.

  • Loader Type Feeder (About $4,000) – The loader type feeder serves as the initial equipment in the production line, efficiently feeding raw materials into the granulation process. With its reliable performance and ease of operation, this feeder ensures a smooth and continuous material flow, enhancing production efficiency.

  • Screening Machine ($1,800) – The screening machine plays a pivotal role in separating oversized and undersized particles from the granules, ensuring product uniformity and quality. Moreover, its precision screening capabilities contribute to the production of high-quality granulated materials.

  • Packing Granule Scale ($5,800) – The packing granule scale facilitates the accurate weighing and packaging of the final granulated product. With its advanced weighing technology and user-friendly interface, this equipment ensures precise packaging to meet customer requirements.

Auxiliary Equipment Selection

In addition to these key equipment selections, customers can further enhance their production line with additional options, such as:

  • Disc Feeder ($2,800) – It facilitates controlling and uniform feeding of materials into the granulation process.

  • Storage Bin ($1,250) – It provides storage space for raw materials, assisting in the efficient management of material flow within the production line.

  • 500m Belt Conveyors ($2000/set) – They enable the seamless transportation of materials between different stages of the production process.

Furthermore, we also offer optional equipment choices for specific production needs. For example, we can equip different number of bins for automatic batching machine based on actual production requirements. Besides, you can also choose whether buy a horizontal mixer before granulation to use. If you are dealing with hard materials, you can choose between a chain crusher or a cage crusher, both of which can crush hard materials into powder less than 4mm.

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Technical Parameters of 3 T/H Extrusion Granulation Process

Product NameModelCapacity (t/h)Power (kw)Dimension (mm)
Dynamic Batching MachineSXPY-15151-201.1×41500×1500
Cage CrusherSXLSF-8006-1015×21500×1500×1500
Double Shaft MixerSXSJ-10501-20226200×1300×1200
Double Roller Extrusion GranulatorSXDG-1.5T1.518.51450×850×1500
Disc FeederSXPJ-16002-47.51600×1600×1800
Rotary Screening MachineSXGS-10201-233950×1720×2100
Automatic Packing ScaleSXFB-16bags/min0.55+0.37720×630×1980
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At Yushunxin, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to meet your granulation needs, ensuring optimal performance and maximum returns on your investment. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you build the perfect 3 t/h extrusion granulation process for your business.

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