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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Experienced Team

Our company has a professional team composed of experts, professors and senior engineers. We are dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and promotion of organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer equipment. After years of reform and development, Shunxin Machinery has won countless certificates of honor. These honors are consumer approval of our products. We have gained a good credit and reputation in machinery industry.

Our company takes pride in its professional team of seven highly skilled engineers, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. With majors ranging from Mechanical Engineering to Biosafety, Environmental Protection, and Livestock Infectious Diseases, our team is well-equipped to tackle a diverse array of challenges. Complementing this expertise, we also have specialists in CAD and 3D Design Drawing, ensuring precision and innovation in every project. This unique combination of skills sets us apart, allowing us to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Trust in our expert team to bring your visions to life with exceptional skill and dedication!

Our company boasts a robust production workshop, staffed with over 40 diligent workers dedicated to manufacturing excellence. Within this group, 4-5 workers are focused on packaging and dispatching the finished products, ensuring they are securely and efficiently sent off to our clients. The rest of the team is committed to the production and assembly of our equipment, working tirelessly to uphold our high standards. Prior to shipment, we take an extra step for customer satisfaction by fine-tuning and calibrating the equipment to meet the specific needs of our clients. Furthermore, we conduct daily checks on our machinery to maintain seamless operation and product quality, guaranteeing the reliability and integrity of our output.

Our company prides itself on a sprawling office space exceeding 500 square meters, accommodating over 80 office personnel who are the heartbeat of our operations. Our dynamic team is composed of more than 10 business groups, an e-commerce department, graphic designers, administrative staff, and a customer service team, each playing a pivotal role in addressing and resolving client issues. These departments work collaboratively in our spacious environment to ensure that every customer interaction is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, thus underlining our commitment to exceptional service and support.

Considerate Service

Technical Assurance

Our equipment production adheres to technical assurance to ensure that systems and processes meet standards, perform reliably, and effectively support business objectives and operational requirements.

High-End Laser Cutter

Our advanced laser cutter, valued at $570,000, offers unparalleled precision and performance. Enhance your production with our state-of-the-art machinery designed for intricate and efficient cutting.

Dual Gas Cutting

We experience superior cutting for equipment production with a dual gas combination of carbon dioxide and oxygen. This innovative process ensures precise and efficient material cutting.

Other Advanced Equipment

Our machinery experiences a range of manufacturing steps, including welding, cutting, and bending, to deliver high precision and quality in metal fabrication.

3D CAD Solutions

We provide sophisticated 3D drawing design and CAD services, enhancing precision in engineering projects with our advanced design capabilities for customer’s customization needs.

Free Project Design

We can provide free process design drawing, configuration plan, forward guidance according to customer’s requirements, which roundly and deeply customizes solutions for customer. Thus, we flexible respond to various customization needs.

  • Various raw material granulation processes:Animal manure/NPK/SSP/MAP/ASSP/DAP granulation lines, animal feed granulation lines, cat litter granulation lines, mining/limestone/calcium carbonate/zeolite granulation lines, etc.

  • Deodorization and dust removal system design and machinery production: activated carbon adsorption, bag dust removal, sacron dust removal, water treatment.

  • Animal manure degradation and deodorization treatment design and machinery production, urban waste discomposing processing, carbonization treatment.

  • Installation and commissioning of complete granulation production lines: Installation of drum equipment – crusher, mixer, feeder, assembly and installation of conveying equipment or scale, connection and debugging of electrical components, and foundation design, etc.

  • Design and production of custom equipment.

  • Supporting design of weighing system (precision screen instruments are not produced).

  • Design and configuration of networked control systems, design and configuration of electrical systems.

Special Services

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