In July 9th, 2022, Yushunxin, a renowned professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, received an inquiry from Malaysian. Moreover, this customer works at a Malaysian NPK fertilizer manufacturing company. Then, he expressed a compelling need for seeking new compacting machines to replace. Thus, we offer different granulation plans for his choice.

What Are NPK Compact Granulator Requirements of Malaysian Customer?

What NPK Pelletizing Proposal We Offer for Malaysian Customers 220T/D Production Needs?

Upon receiving the inquiry, our team meticulously analyzed Malaysian high production demands and running time, and found appropriate equipment with low energy consumption.

1. Granulator for Large Scale NPK Fertilizer Output

NPK Materials for Double Roller Extruder

For this, we recommended he to buy 8 double roller extrusion granulators of 2T-model. Also, the single pelletizer may cost $5,000-$5,400USD (24,000-26,000 MYR). Besides, these dry granulators have high granulation rate up to 98% and can potentially operate for 12 hours to meet this client’s production target of 220 tones per day. If he were immediately ready to place an order, we would give him a certain discount.

2. Auxiliary Equipment for NPK Granules Making

In addition, except press granulator, Yushunxin also suggested the Malaysian client to install a disc feeder and a cage crusher to optimize the entire NPK production process. One one hand, the disc feeder, a crucial device for delivering NPK components, ensures the even distribution into the granulating equipment. Thereby, it enhances the efficiency of granulation. On the other hand, the cage crusher can effectively handle hard ores, break them up, and prepare them for the later process, protecting granulation equipment. Hence, these auxiliary devices further streamline the process, ensuring consistent and high-quality output.

    • Model: SXPJ-3000
    • Capacity (t/h): 8-12
    • Power (kw): 15
    • Speed (r/min): 16
    • Price: $1,000 (4,800 MYR)
Disc Mixer for Biochar Powder Blending
Double Shaft Chain Crusher
    • Model: SXLSF-800
    • Inlet Size (mm): 380*320
    • Power (kw): 15*2
    • Capacity (t/h): 6-10
    • Dimensions (mm): 1500*1500*1500
    • Price: $2,000 (9600MYR)

Applying A NPK Compact Granulation Solution with Quick Deal from Yushunxin!

With the proposal in place, we settled the final transaction price for the purchase of these equipment was around $45,000 (215,800 MYR), considering additional expenses such as shipping and installation. Then, Malaysian customer quickly agreed to pay 40% down within 2 days, and the transactions were smooth. Moreover, our equipment are shipped as complete machines without the need for composition. In the end, these machines were delivered by sea on July 15th, 2022, and arrived at Port Klang, Malaysia on on July 30th, 2022.

Besides granulators, Yushunxin also offers a range of other fertilizer equipment and production line solutions. Whether you are looking for a granulator, compost turner, or a complete fertilizer production line, we have the perfect solution for you. Contact us today and let’s make your fertilizer production more efficient and effective!

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