In early September 2022, we received an inquiry from a Bolivian compound fertilizer manufacturer. And he reached out to Yushunxin to enhance their production capacity to meet the growing demand for phosphorus rock and stonite granules. With abundant mineral resources at their disposal, they needed professional equipment to make 2 to 4 tons per hour of high-quality compound fertilizers.

Making 3-10mm Granules by Double Roller Pellet Extruder

Analyzing Granular Manufacturing Requirements of Bolivian Customer

Bolivia possesses rich mineral resources, including phosphate rock and granite. These ore resources are widely be of use in fertilizer production. Thus, this Bolivian client established a compound fertilizer factory based on a partnership with a well-known local mining company. Moreover, he wanted to upgrade their equipment to not only increase output but also to improve fertilizer quality. Hence, they were looking for a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their current setup and local raw material supplies.

Offering the Ideal Granulation Plan for Bolivian Customer

Given the raw material and production requirements, we proposed the purchase of two 2T/H double roller extrusion granulators, each priced at 30,000 Bolivian Boliviano ($4500). We thoroughly explained the equipment specifications, ensuring the client was well-informed. Because these robust machines made of alloy materials are ideal for producing uniform and high-strength NPK fertilizer granules from ore powder and would significantly enhance the factory’s production capacity.

Further, we suggested additional equipment to complement their production line. Primarily, a chain crusher at BOB 8,600 ($1,250) would pulverize hard raw materials like phosphorus rock and granite into powder. Secondly, a horizontal mixer at 13,000BOB ($1,890) would allow for the addition of other auxiliary materials, and a loader type feeder at 32,300BOB ($4,700) would ensure continuous and smooth feeding of materials. Finally, a packing machine at BOB 27,500 ($4,000) would ensure efficient packaging of the final compound fertilizer granules.

ProductDouble Roller Press GranulatorProductChain CrusherProductHorizontal MixerProductRotary Screen Machine
Granule Diameter3-10mmFeed Granule Size<100mmStirring Speed39r/minReducerZQ250
Dimensions1630*850*1650Output Granule Size≤3mmDimensions2550*1500*1000Drum Speed18r/min

A Successful Transaction with Bolivian Fertilizer Manufacturer

Bolivian Transportation Plan from Yushunxin to La Paz

All in all, this successful transaction solidifies Yushunxin’s position as a leading supplier of professional fertilizer equipment. So, we’re proud to support clients like the Bolivian fertilizer manufacturer by offering high-quality equipment and exceptional services. In addition, we stand ready to help other businesses reach their production goals with our range of roller granulators and other related equipment.

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