On October 16th, 2022, we received an inquiry from a well-experienced fertilizer manufacturer based in the agrarian land of Kenya. Moreover, the customer reached out with a specific requirement – a granulation plan capable of processing compost, high nitrogen content materials, rock phosphate, limestone, and dolomite, with a capacity of 1-2 tons per hour.

Making 3-10mm Granules by Double Roller Pellet Extruder

We Learn Kenyan Customer’s Background for Compound Fertilizer Production!

For one thing, Kenya is an agricultural country known for its fertile soil and favorable climate conditions, making it suitable for producing organic fertilizers. Hence, the Kenyan client stated that the raw materials required for the production of organic fertilizers, such as compost and high nitrogen content materials, can be recycled from nearby farms at extremely low prices for animal manure, debris, and food waste.

FAor another thing, Kenya also has abundant mineral resources, including phosphate ore, limestone, and dolomite. Additionally, these minerals are crucial for the production of phosphates and compound fertilizers. For instance, phosphate rock is mainly of application for producing phosphate fertilizers, while limestone and dolomite can be of use to manufacture calcium containing fertilizers. This customer said they have a cooperative mining plant and can obtain some leftover materials at lower prices.

How to Buy High-quality Fertilizer Production Equipment from Yushunxin?

After communicating with the Kenyan client, we immediately developed a commercial fertilizer production plan and provided him with details of each equipment’s configuration, functions, and usage methods. And we also send him relevant data, pictures, and videos.

1. Choosing A Suitable Pelletizing Machine for Kenyan Customer!

For our Kenyan customer, we initially recommended two granulators suitable for both organic and compound fertilizer production – 2T/H model of double roller granulator and the SXYZ-2500 model of disc granulator. Besides, the former spends 650,000 Kenyan shillings ($4,570), while the latter costs 476,000 Kenyan shillings ($3,300). Meanwhile, these pelletizers would efficiently transform compost, rock phosphate, limestone, and dolomite into high-quality granular fertilizers in Kenya.

However, the customer had a specific granular size requirement of 3-4mm in diameter. After careful consideration, he decided to opt for the NPK dry granulator. Moreover, it is capable of providing precise control over the size of the granules and can consistently produce within the Kenyan customer’s desired size range. Thus, extruder granulation machine is the preferred choice.


Pellet Roller Press Machine

Disc Granulator

Granule SizeDifferent Shape, 3-10mmRound, Variable Size

2. Enhancing Kenyan Plants Production Efficiency with Recommended Support Equipment!

Furthermore, we recommended other support equipment to create a comprehensive and efficient production line. At the beginning, the first recommendation was a chain crusher (178,000KES or 1,250USD, which is essential for crushing limestone and dolomite in clumps into less than 3mm for granulation. This machine ensures a uniform size of the raw materials, ultimately improving the quality and efficiency of the granulation process.

Double Shaft Chain Crusher

In addition, we recommended a horizontal mixer costing 239,000KES ($1,670). Because it blends the crushed raw materials thoroughly, ensuring a consistent mixture for better granulation. Furthermore, a screen machine worth as the horizontal fertilizer mixer is of use for quality control. Lastly, a packing machine priced at 572,000KES ($4,000) was suggested for convenient and efficient packaging of the final NPK granular products.

ProductChain CrusherProductHorizontal MixerProductRotary Screen Machine
Feed Granule Size<100mmStirring Speed46r/minReducerZQ250
Output Granule Size≤3mmDimensions2350*1200*1000Drum Speed21r/min

What Is The Transaction Price for Kenyan Customer?

Primarily, this Kenyan visited our plant on October 24th, 2022. Then, we finished this deal on October 29th, 2022. Meanwhile, the total cost, encompassing all the proposed equipment and shipping costs, at KSh 2,315,000 ($16,100). As the leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer in China, Yushunxin offers our products at factory prices and keeps stocks readily available. This price range also included an exclusive discount, further sweetening the deal for our Kenyan customer.

What Is The Transaction Price for Kenyan Customer?

We widely use container shipping, and sent these machine from our plant on December 10th, 2022, to the Qingdao Port, China. Then, the destination is Mombasa Port in Kenya. To be honest, we estimated transportation costs to be approximately $3,500, considering the standard shipping rates. Additionally, the delivery timeline is roughly 45 days, factoring in the customs clearance procedures at both ends. Finally, it arrived at the destination port on January 15th, 2023. Then, Kenyan customer installed the equipment in their fertilizer plant located in Nairobi.

In conclusion, our client’s investment in the complete production line featuring our double roller extrusion granulator and other auxiliary equipment has immensely contributed to their business efficiency, thus proving Yushunxin as a reliable partner for all fertilizer manufacturing necessities. We continue to provide an expansive range of equipment that caters to all stages of fertilizer production, offering the best-in-market products at the most competitive prices.

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