On August 9th, 2021, a Pakistani company approached us, expressing interest in procuring our double roller extrusion granulator. Moreover, he told us he run a small NPK fertilizer plant with the annual output of 10,000 tons. Thus, they needed a granulator which met their fertilizer production capacity. Besides, their request included a detailed list of equipment specifications and a request for CNF rates to Karachi, Pakistan.

Granular Manufacturing Requirements of Pakistani Customer

At the beginning, this customer wanted a simple set of machines with the ability of handling 2 tons per hour of raw materials such as nitrogen, phosphate and ammonium sulfate. Additionally, they desired to make NPK granules of 2mm and 3mm sizes and needed two separate roller press machines for each size. Then, Yushunxin designed their granulation plan to align with the unique requirements of this Pakistani customer’s fertilizer manufacturing needs.

What Is 2T/H NPK Fertilizer Granulation Plan for Pakistani Customer?

2-3mm NPK Granules Making Machine

Making 3-10mm Granules by Double Roller Pellet Extruder

Understanding the unique requirements of our Norwegian customer, we proposed two types of granulators that could efficiently process biochar. The flat die granulator could produce 2-10mm cylindrical pellets, while the double roller granulator offers a variety of shape options with 3-10mm diameters. Thus, its price is a little higher than the former, ranging from krN32,500-39,900NOK ($3100-3800USD). Upon consideration, the customer chose our 1.5T model of double roller granulator, priced at krN37,800NOK, for its versatility.

Auxiliary Equipment for 2T/H NPK Powder Pelletizing

In fact, we recommended him to buy a chain crusher to get finer powder. Nevertheless, he said their raw materials with a powder mesh of around 160-170, no need for crushing. Furthermore, we suggested the addition of a batching machine with three bins to help manage the diverse raw materials like nitrogen, phosphate and ammonium sulfate. Also, a single shaft mixer ensures homogeneous mixing of the raw materials, and a screening machine helps separate the granules with different sizes for uniform.

Parameters of Singel Shaft Mixer

Model: YSXWJ-7015
Dimensions: 2350*1200*1000mm
Capacity: 2-3t/h
Motor Power: 7.5kw
Stirring Speed: 46r/min

Parameters of Rotary Screening Machine

Model: YSXGS-1020
Reducer: ZQ250
Capacity: 1-2t/h
Motor Power: 3kw
Drum Speed: 21r/min

How Much Does Pakistani Customer Cost?

In response to their requirements, we proposed two dry granulation machines for 2mm & 3mm granule sizes, resulting in an approximate equipment cost of 3 million PKR ($10,800). Furthermore, the three bins of batching machine cost 3.15 million PKR ($11,250). Besides, a single shaft mixer is about 800,000 PKR ($2,890), while a screening machine at 460,000 PKR ($1,670). As a result, the total approximate transaction price, including all equipment and transportation expense, came to roughly 8.4 million PKR ($30,000).

Then, our customer’s team scheduled a visit to our plant on August 23, 2021, to better understand equipment quality and to assure our solutions would integrate smoothly. Following successful negotiations, the order was confirmed, and delivery was set for September 15th, 2021.

What Is Freight Charge from China to Pakistan?

In conclusion, Yushunxin is not simply a fertilizer production machinery manufacturer and seller. We are providers of comprehensive solutions aimed at optimizing your fertilizer production process. Our extensive range of equipment, including granulators, mixers, and screening machines, ensuring meet all your production needs.

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