On February 19, 2022, we received an inquiry from a customer in Norway who was a startup as a biochar producer. At the beginning, he was searching for an efficient machine to granulate biochar for sale. Thus, this client expressed particularly interests in our YSXDG-1.5T double roller extrusion granulator. Moreover, his main query was regarding the necessity of a binder and the possibility of adding water to the charcoal to control dust. Then, we quickly designed a production plan for him.

What Equipment Are Suitable For Norwegian Customers Granulation Needs?

This customer told us that they have just started operating a fertilizer production plant and are currently not considering the amount of output. So, they wanted to purchase some equipment first to see the sales effect of finished particles, and then improve the production line later.

1. Granulator for 3-10mm Biochar Pellets

Making 2-10mm Biochar Granules by Double Roller Pellet Extruder

Understanding the unique requirements of our Norwegian customer, we proposed two types of granulators that could efficiently process biochar. The flat die granulator could produce 2-10mm cylindrical pellets, while the double roller granulator offers a variety of shape options with 3-10mm diameters. Thus, its price is a little higher than the former, ranging from krN32,500-39,900NOK ($3100-3800USD). Upon consideration, the customer chose our 1.5T model of double roller granulator, priced at krN37,800NOK, for its versatility.

2. Crushing Machine for Hard Biochar Blocks

Furthermore, this Norwegian customer told us the raw material they use is pyrolyzed biochar. To further streamline his production process, we firstly recommended a biochar powder grinding mill to crush the biochar blocks. However, they wanted finer powder. Then, we provided another crusher – vertical type. Because it has high crushing efficiency, almost 97%. So, our customer chose the latter type for krN42,000NOK ($4,000). Besides, we also suggested the purchase of screening machines, to separate powder and granules of different sizes, one set priced $2,200.

Vertical Crusher for Biochar Grinding

Model: YSXFLF-600

Capacity: 3-5t/h

Power: 22kw

Inlet Size: 400*400mm

Dimensions: 1300*750*1900mm

No Binder Needed in Biochar Granular Production by Our Proposal!

Answering his questions about binders, we explained that no additional binder is necessary. Because the dry granulator itself could perform the granulation of biochar effectively without any additives. In fact, for faster adhesion of biochar powder, you can add with a little water or cornstarch. Alternatively, for optimal granular forming plan, we recommended our disc mixer. Honestly, it can be installed above the roller compact granulator to save space, and helps better blending biochar powder.

Disc Mixer for Biochar Powder Blending

Model: YSXPJ-1600

Capacity: 2-4t/h

Power: 7.5kw

Reducer: BLD15-87

Mixing Speed: 16r/min

Dimensions: 1600*1600*1800mm

How to Reduce Dust of Biochar Powder Granulation Process?

To begin with, this Norwegian client stated he added some water in biochar powder for dust removal. Nevertheless, regarding the moisture content, while our dry granulator can handle a limited amount of water. Otherwise, excessive moisture may require the use of a rotary dryer. As a result, we offered a more cost-effective solution to manage dust—installing dust covers on belt conveyors or screening machines. For this, it not only safeguards the health of employees by minimizing airborne particles but also extends the lifespan of machinery by protecting sensitive components.

Norwegian Customer to Visit Yushunxin Plant

In the end, taking into account the cost of granulation equipment and additional recommendations, the total transaction price came to approximately krN224,000NOK ($21,300). Besides, we estimated a sea freight delivery duration of 4-6 weeks to the Port of Oslo, followed by installation at the Norwegian customer’s site. On March 22, 2022, the customer reported to us that the test results were good and they were very satisfied with our service. And they have agreed to purchase a complete set of roller granulation production lines from us in the future. Therefore, whether you are a new entrant or an established player in fertilizer industry, Yushunxin is your trusted partner in granular production.

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