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Double Roller Extruder Granulator


Motor Power15-22kW

Granular Diameter3-10mm

Application AreasAgricultural, chemical industry, construction sector, food processing industry, environmental protection industry, mining industry, biomass pelletizing industry, etc.

Our company, Yushunxin, produce double roller extruder granulators, which are pivotal in the industrial production, including chemicals and compound fertilizers. Moreover, these granulators boast advanced technology, rational design, compact structure, practicality, and low energy consumption. Also, they can be integrated with related equipment as standalone units or assembled into multiple machine combinations. Then, it can be capable of forming continuous, mechanized production lines with an annual output ranging from 15,000 to 100,000 tons. By optimizing formulation without drying process, our machines facilitate ambient temperature production, ensuring that products form in one pass and meet the required technical specifications. Meanwhile, the roller press granulators primarily produce pellets in many shapes with diameters ranging from 1mm to 5mm. Thereby, we fulfill the diverse needs of our clients with high-quality and efficient granulation solutions.

What The Applications of Double Roller Extrusion Granulator ?

The double roller extrusion granulator finds application in a diverse range of materials, categorized into two main groups: fertilizer and non-fertilizer materials.

All in all, the double roller compact granulator is not only extensively of applications in the fertilizer, feed, and chemical industries but also exhibits excellent adaptability and effectiveness in environmental projects, rare earth refining, metallurgy, coal, bio-preparations, and other areas. With its wide range of raw material adaptability and high granulation rate, it stands out as the ideal granulation equipment across various industries.

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What Kind of Finished Granules Can A Roller Compaction Granulator Produce?

The double roller granulator can produce finished particles ranging from 3mm to 15mm in size, catering to various market demands with specific characteristics for different materials.

  • Compound Fertilizer Granules – For compound fertilizers like ammonium chloride, the granulator commonly generates particles in the range of 4mm to 5mm, aligning closely with market requirements.

  • Carbon Powder or Special Material Granules – On the other hand, materials such as carbon powder or special substances are typically be of use to form granules sized at 8mm or 10mm for optimal usability.

  • Potash Fertilizer and Irregular Granules – For potash fertilizers and other materials not necessitating spherical particles, you can use irregular molds in production to create finished products tailored to market demands.

  • Firstly, the double roller granulator exhibits varying output capacities, ranging from 1-1.5 tons per hour and 1.5-2 tons per hour.

  • Secondly, the material pelletization rate is around 90%, with compound fertilizer moisture content typically ranging from 2% to 8% and specialty materials possibly controlled below 20%.

  • Thirdly, roller sizes vary across different machine models, such as Φ150mm*220mm with 15kW power, Φ150mm*300mm with 18.5kW power, and Φ186mm*300mm with 22kW power.

  • Finally, the granule strength typically falls within the range of 6N to 20N (crush resistance).

At present, the roller socket typically features a flat-spherical shape. In addition, the double roller extrusion granulator can accommodate a variety of ball socket shapes and sizes based on user requirements. And, these shapes include pillow-shaped, semi-spherical, cylindrical, tablet-shaped, walnut-shaped, flat spherical, and rectangular ball sockets, among other options.

At Yushunxin Company, we offer free trial runs for specific data needs. Besides, customers can send materials to our facility for testing. Additionally, our dry roller press granulator provides versatility in producing a range of granules to diverse market demands and material specifications.

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    What Is The Process of Double Roller Extrusion Machine ?

    The double roller extrusion production line is a production system that utilizes a double roller extrusion granulator to compress materials into shape, suitable for granulating various raw materials such as compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, chemicals, and feed. The main equipment in the double roller extrusion production line includes a horizontal mixer, chain crusher, double roller extrusion granulator, rotary drum screening machine, finished product bin, electronic quantitative packaging scale, among others. The working principle of the double roller extrusion production line involves first mixing and blending the raw materials, then crushing and extruding them into shape, followed by screening and separating the finished particles before packaging.

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    What Production Proposal We Offer About Double Roller Compact Granulation ?

    At Yushunxin Company, we offer a range of production solutions of different scales, enabling customers to optimize their production lines with the following machine configurations and selections.

    • Large-Scale Production Scheme: When aiming for high-volume production, you can choose machines such as automatic batching systems, material mixers, material conveyors, rotary screening machines, and automatic packaging machines. Because this comprehensive setup facilitates the establishment of a compound fertilizer manufacturing plant.
    • Individual Production Scheme: For simple production requirements, the automatic batching system can be replaced with a material storage bin. Likewise, the corresponding material mixer can be downsized without compromising efficiency.
    basic plan


    • 1-5 T/H Capacity

    • 500 ㎡ Occupation Areas

    Medium plan


    • 6-10 T/H Capacity

    • 800-1,500 ㎡ Occupation Areas

    advance plan


    • 20-30 T/H Capacity

    • 2,000 m³ Occupation Areas

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    By considering these double roller extrusion production schemes, customers can optimize their operations with efficient and effective utilization of the double roller extrusion granulator. Contact us at Yushunxin Company for further consultation on customizing your production setup to meet your specific needs.