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30 T/H Roller Press Granulation Production Line


Detail30t/h roller granulation production line is an efficient industrial production plan specifically for large-scale enterprises. Based on its excellent production capacity, it can meet the demand for a large number of granular products in different industrial fields. Moreover, this production line is suitable for granulation processing of various raw materials, including applications in such as agriculture, chemical industry, and mining.

EquipmentLoader type feeder, Raymond mill, automatic batching machine, double shaft mixer, disc feeder, double roller extrusion granulator, rotary screening machine, automatic packaging scale, etc.

What Is Market of 30 T/H Roller Extrusion Granulation Production Line ?

This pelletizing manufacturing process plays a crucial role in various industries. In particular, it widely occurs in large fertilizer factories, chemical industries, agriculture, coal mines, and feed factories. Because the application of this production line can greatly improve output and production efficiency, meeting many markets’ demand for high-quality granule products.

In summary, the 30 t/h double roller granulation production line has become a key equipment for large-scale production in these fields due to its high production capacity and wide applicability. Whether it’s improving product quality, increasing production efficiency, or achieving environmental goals, this production line can provide effective solutions.

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How Much Space Does A 30 T/H Roller Press Granulation Production Line Require?

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What’s the Budget for Setting Up A 30 T/H Granular Making Plant ?

Are you considering investing in a 30 t/h roller press granulation production line? Wondering about the budget required to get started? Well, before making any decisions, it’s crucial to understand the financial aspects involved.

When planning for such a project, one of the key factors to consider is the land. Primarily, you’ll need to decide whether to purchase or lease land, taking into account factors like location and price. Additionally, you’ll need to budget for various other expenses, including equipment procurement costs, installation costs (typically 10%-15% of equipment costs), transportation costs, infrastructure construction costs (such as roads, water, and electricity installation), and miscellaneous expenses.

30 TPH Double Roller Granule Making Line

Based on our initial estimates, a rough investment budget for setting up a 30 t/h pellet plant might be around $460,000 US dollars. However, please note that this is a very preliminary estimate, and the final cost may vary significantly depending on various factors. For more accurate quotations and detailed guidance, we recommend consulting our professional engineering designers.

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What Are Equipment for A 30 T/H Roller Press Granulation Production Line ?

The 30 TPH double roller granulation production line includes a Raymond mill for grinding hard materials, belt conveyors for material transportation and return, double bucket packing scales for packaging, a loader type feeder and a disc feeder for feeding materials, double roller press granulators for pellet formation, screen machines for separating granules and a mixer for mixing raw materials. Additionally, it includes a  large three-pass splitting for material distribution, a batching machine with 4 bins and a stacking machine for warehousing finished products. All in all, each machine plays a vital role in ensuring efficient and smooth production.

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Technical Parameters of 30 TPH Roller Press Granulation Line

Product NameModelCapacity (t/h)Power (kw)Dimension (mm)
Raymond Mill175 European-style20497Customize
Dynamic Batching MachineSXPY-15151-201.1×41500×1500
Double Shaft MixerSXSJ-105020226200×1300×1200
Double Roller Extrusion GranulatorSXDG-2T2221630×850×1650
Disc FeederSXPJ-30008-12153000×3000×2000
Rotary Screening MachineSXGS-208010-20113950×1720×2100
Automatic Packing ScaleSXFB-16bags/min0.55+0.37720×630×1980
Robot PalletizerTY-LZ-500 Robot300-400 bags/h0.75×5+1.5+3×2Customize
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If you are seeking a reliable and high-performance production line to meet your large-scale granulation needs across different industries, our 30 ton per hour roller granulation production line stands out as a top choice. Contact us today to inquire about how this efficient system can elevate your manufacturing capabilities and streamline your production processes.

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