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Electric Roller Press Machine


Motor Power15-22kW

Granular Diameter3-10mm

Application AreasAgricultural, chemical industry, construction sector, food processing industry, invironmental protection industry, mining industry, biomass pelletizing industry, etc.

At Yushunxin, we carefully design our machines to ensure that they are not only electrically powered but also epitomize operational simplicity and high automation levels. Our clients, whom we deeply value, often express their satisfaction with the straightforward interface and the substantial energy savings incurred from the electric-driven system.

What The Applications of Electric Extrusion Granulator ?

The market for electric roller extrusion granulation machines, has been growing, by the industry’s demand for more energy-efficient and sustainable production technologies. Moreover, it can be of use in many businesses, prominently including the manufacture of fertilizers, feed processing, and biomass pellet production. 

Within the realm of fertilizer production, electric roller press machines play a pivotal role. Because, they facilitate the granulation of raw materials like ammonium nitrate, urea, and phosphates with high effeciency and low energy consumption. Moreover, the electric system offers the precision and control to ensure consistent quality and size of the fertilizer granules, which is critical for both the effectivenes and the efficiency.

In the feed processing industry, these robust machines are integral to creating uniform feed pellets. The electric double roller extrusion granulator compacts mixed feed ingredients, such as corn, soybean meal, and wheat bran, into dense pellets that are ideal for animal nutrition. Thus, this not only aids in reducing waste but also improves the ease and economy of feed storage and transportation.

As for biomass pellet production, electric roller press machines are essential in converting agricultural and forestry waste into high-density fuel pellets. For example, materials such as sawdust, rice husks, and other organic residuals undergo high pressure to form pellets that burn efficiently, providing a renewable energy source that is both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

All in all, electric roller press machine has occurred in various industries. And their extensive applications are across fertilizer production, feed processing, and biomass pellet production. So, it highlights their adaptability and the value they offer to businesses aiming to enhance their operational efficiency and resource recycling. 

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Equipment Composition of Electric Roller Press Machine

In fact, this granulator consists of several key components that work seamlessly together to achieve optimal performance and efficiency in material compaction processes.

  • What’s more, the electric double roller press extruder is primarily composed of a sturdy frame that provides structural support and stability during operation. Also, this frame houses the key components such as the electric motor, rollers, and control system.

  • Additionally, the electric motor serves as the powerhouse of the machine, driving the rollers to rotate and compact the materials with precision. Meanwhile, our machines are equipped with high-quality electric motors that deliver reliable and consistent performance, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime.

  • Moreover, the rollers, made from durable materials such as stainless steel or alloy steel, exert pressure on the materials passing through them to form uniform granules or pellets. Then, these rollers are driven by the electric motor to facilitate efficient compaction and shaping of the final product.

  • The control system of our electric roller pressing machine is equipped with modern automation features that enable precise speed and pressure adjustments based on the material being processed. Additionally, this ensures consistent product quality and allows for customization according to specific production requirements.

Overall, with a robust equipment composition centered around electric power driving, our machines are designed to meet the high demands of modern manufacturing processes while maximizing efficiency and productivity for our valued customers.

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Why to Choose An Electric Roller Granulator ?

The electric roller press machine at Yushunxin delivers consistent performance, thanks to its electric motor drive. Therefore, our clients benefit from the machine’s ability to maintain uniform pressure and speed up granulation processes, reducing the risk of machine failure and shutdown.

Firstly, our engineer make electric roller granulation extruder with its energy-efficient design. Also, the electric drive consumes less power compared to hydraulic systems, allowing users to reduce their energy expenditure and lower their operational costs. To be honest, clients can trust that they are investing in a machine that not only delivers in performance but also in energy conservation.

Our clients gain enhanced control over their production process due to the precision of the electric drive in our electric roller compact machine. Additionally, the fine-tuned control systems allow for minute adjustments, which can be crucial for the production of high-quality materials. Thus, customers can expect a level of control that ensures the highest standards are met with each use.

Thirdly, our electric double roller extrusion granulator is engineered with numerous safety features that are enhanced by the electric drive. Besides, the reduced number of moving parts and the absence of hydraulic fluids minimize the risk of leaks and malfunctions, ensuring a safer work environment for our customers and their workforce.

What’s more, the electric motor drive in Yushunxin’s electric double compactation machine requires less maintenance than hydraulic granulation machnery. By choosing our electrically driven machine, customers will experience fewer downtimes and reduced maintenance costs. Also, this reliability translates into higher productivity and increased profitability for our clients.

In conclusion, Yushunxin’s electric roller press machine, powered by our advanced electric motor drive, offers various advantages including consistent performance, energy efficiency, enhanced control, reduced maintenance, and increased safety. 

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How to Use Hydraulic Roller Pressing Granulator ?

  • When you operate the electric roller press granulator, the electric motor drives the rollers to rotate in opposite directions, ensuring a consistent compaction force on the material. As the material enters the gap between the rollers, the controlled pressure exerted by the rotating rollers compacts it into a dense and uniform layer.

  • Then, adjustable speed and pressure settings on the machine allow you to customize the compaction process according to the specific characteristics of finished granules. Therefore, this customization ensures precise control over the compaction parameters, leading to high-quality granules or pellets with minimal variations.

  • What’s more, during operation, the electric power driving system maintains a continuous and smooth rotation of the rollers, facilitating efficient material compaction without disruptions. As a result, the synchronized movement of the rollers ensures uniform compaction throughout the processing cycle, resulting in consistent product quality.

  • Moreover, the finished pellets exits the rollers in the different shapes according to you target. Then, they are ready for further processing or packaging. Whateve, electric roller press pelletizer’s reliable and precise compaction capabilities enable you to achieve desired product specifications with precision and efficiency.

  • In essence, the double roller press granulator operates by utilizing the electric power driving system to apply a certain pressure and rotational force to compact materials effectively and produce uniform granules or pellets. Hence, this operational principle ensures consistent performance and high-quality output for your granulation processes.

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In conclusion, at Yushunxin, we apply electric power driving systems in double roller extrusion granulator to ensure consistent and efficient compaction of materials, delivering high-quality granules or pellets for our customers’ manufacturing processes. However, understanding that some customers may be concerned about electricity costs, we also provide diesel-powered options. These alternatives ensure that every client can find a cost-effective solution.

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