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Dry Powder Granulation Equipment


Motor Power15-22kW

Granular Diameter3-10mm

Application AreasAgricultural, chemical industry, construction sector, food processing industry, invironmental protection industry, mining industry, biomass pelletizing industry, etc.

When utilizing the hydraulic roller pelletizer, you initiate the granulation process by feeding the materials into the roller press. The rollers then compress the material into dense pellets efficiently. This innovative equipment ensures uniform pellet size and shape, ideal for producing high-quality fertilizers or other pelletized products.

What The Applications of Hydraulic Extrusion Granulator ?

In the market today, the hydraulic double roller granulator stands out as a versatile and efficient tool for various industries. Also, the need for standardized pellet sizes and shapes has driven the popularity of this equipment in the market.

Firstly, the hydraulic roller press granulator is widely of use for compacting various materials such as fertilizers, animal feed, and agricultural by-products, enhancing their handling and application efficiency. For example, farmers use this equipment to pelletize livestock manure for convenient application and nutrient release.

Secondly, this pelletizer plays a crucial role in transforming powdered chemicals like catalysts, pigments, or additives into uniform pellets with controlled properties. Industries utilize this technology to improve handling, storage, and dispersion of chemicals efficiently.

Thirdly, the hydraulic double Roller compaction extruder is be of applications for pelletizing materials like cement, lime, or fly ash to produce high-quality construction materials. These pellets offer enhanced flowability, reduced dust generation, and improved mixing properties for various construction applications.

Fourthly, it is instrumental in pelletizing ingredients such as food additives, seasonings, or nutritional supplements. This process facilitates easier blending and uniform dispersion of ingredients in food products, ensuring consistent quality and appearance.

Furthermore, this equipment can granulate waste materials such as sludge, biomass, or industrial residues. By forming these materials into pellets, it becomes easier to handle, transport, and utilize them in various sustainable practices like soil improvement or renewable energy production.

Moreover, you can use it for agglomerating mineral fines, ores, or concentrates before further processing. This enhances the efficiency of downstream processes like smelting or leaching, reducing dust generation and improving material handling.

Lastly, you can use the hydraulic roller pelletizer extensively to compress biomass materials such as wood chips, sawdust, or agricultural residues into dense pellets for biofuel production. This process enables the conversion of waste biomass into a valuable energy source, contributing to sustainable energy solutions.

All in all, hydraulic roller granulator’s adaptability to different materials and processes makes it a valuable asset for companies seeking efficient and cost-effective granulation solutions.

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Where to Buy A Good Hydraulic Extrusion Granulator ?

Yushunxin epitomizes professionalism and customer-centricity, offering a suite of services to complement its stellar products. From initial consultation to post-sales support, the company ensures a considerate experience for its clients.

In conclusion, by choosing Yushunxin Machinery, buyers can benefit from their own different solutions, comprehensive after-sales support, and efficient transportation services, making it a reliable and customer-focused choice for purchasing a hydraulic extrusion granulator.

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Why to Choose An Hydraulic Roller Granulator ?

When selecting the suitable model of pelletizing machine, you can consider hydraulic press granulation machine for several key factors ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

More importantly, the hydraulic granulator is an upgraded product of traditional extrusion pelletizers. Because, this equipment utilizes a hydraulic pump to supply stable pressure to the rollers, effectively protecting the machine system. During the pelletizing process, if the pressure exceeds the limit, the hydraulic system can promptly respond and safeguard the equipment. Thus, this machine possesses higher stability and reliability in the pelletizing process, suitable for various granulation applications.

Yushunxin’s hydraulic press roller granulator is constructed using high-quality materials such as stainless steel, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, and longevity even in demanding industrial environments.

Moreover, the pelletizer accommodates a wide range of raw materials, including those with varying hardness levels and moisture content. From soft powders to abrasive ores, Yushunxin’s extrusion granulator delivers consistent performance across diverse materials.

Furthermore, selecting the optimal model and specification of the hydraulic roller pelletizer is critical to meeting production needs effectively. So, Yushunxin offers expert guidance to help clients navigate this decision, considering factors such as production capacity, raw material characteristics, pellet size requirements, and budget constraints.

In conclusion, Yushunxin’s hydraulic roller pelletizing equipment stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in pelletizing technology. With its versatile applications, superior performance, and exemplary services, it emerges as the preferred choice for industries seeking precision, reliability, and efficiency in pellet production.

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How to Use Hydraulic Roller Pressing Granulator ?

  • Firstly, in the operation of the hydraulic roller pelletizer, you supply stable pressure to the rollers through the hydraulic pump, ensuring efficient pellet formation.

  • Then, as you feed the material into the machine, the rollers exert consistent pressure, compacting the material into uniform pellets.

  • What’s more, the hydraulic system, controlled by you, monitors and adjusts the pressure to maintain optimal pelletization conditions.

  • Moreover, if the pressure exceeds the set limit, you can promptly intervene to prevent any potential damage to the equipment.

  • Finally, you can enhance enhance productivity and quality of the pellets, making the hydraulic press pelletizer a reliable choice for various granulation tasks.

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Ball shape roller granulator, is one of double roller granulation machine with spherical socket on the roller sheet. Moreover, it is a shining example of modern industrial processing machinery. In addition, this advanced granulation equipment can process powders into consistent pellets with the diameters of 3-10mm that meets a wide range of industrial applications and specifications.

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