In fact, water content of raw materials is a key parameter for the double roller granulator that significantly impacts the overall efficiency and quality of the granulation process. When you use our double roller type fertilizers granule machine, we recommend to maintain the materials’ moisture content of 5%-10% to achieve optimal granulating results.

Why to Control 5%-10% Material Water Content for Dry Granulation Roller Compaction?

Why is controlling the moisture important when using YSX double roller granulator? Hence, several reasons account for the significance of this specific range of water content.

  • Firstly, you can ensure the proper granular forming during the press granulation process by maintaining the right moisture level in the raw materials.
  • If there’s too much water (more than 10%), you may end up with wet finished granules that stick together, forming lumps. Then, it causes difficult separation and impairs the uniformity of your final products.
  • Conversely, raw materials without enough moisture (less than 5%) might not support conditions of particle adhesion, leading to granules that are too dry and break down easily.

As a result, only the moisture content within the recommended range, the particles can adhere together smoothly, resulting in well-formed and sturdy granules. This ensures that the granules are resistant to breakage and can withstand handling and transportation without losing their integrity.

To conclude, finding the right moisture balance is paramount for producing high-quality granules in a double roller granulator. If you aren’t sure about the moisture content of your raw materials, feel free to send them to us. We would be more than happy to carry out an analysis for you and guide you towards the most effective process possible.