What is the key part for operational efficiency of a double roller extrusion granulator? Besides, what is the important section of an roller extruder granulator or roller compaction technology. Of course, they are the roller sheets. These sheets are the primary contact points where powders are pressed into uniform granules. Therefore, the material chosen for the roller sheets must exhibit outstanding strength and durability to withstand the pressure and friction of the process.

For this reason, the roller sheets are made from 20GrMoTi, a high-performance alloy that provides exceptional wear resistance and mechanical properties suitable for the intense requirements of the dry granulation process. The composition of 20GrMoTi includes chromium, molybdenum, and titanium, which contribute to the alloy’s hardness and stability, ensuring that the roller sheets maintain their shape and functionality over an extended period, even under continuous operation.

The use of 20GrMoTi in the construction of roller sheets enables the granulation machinery to operate at peak efficiency, producing high-quality granules with consistent size and density. It also reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the granulation process.

By incorporating 20GrMoTi into the design of the roller sheets, we ensure that our extrusion granulators are equipped to meet the rigorous demands of modern industrial applications.